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An ode to the Dutch water defence lines

Through numerous surprising excursions, stimulating experiences and even a special bike route, the event ‘Ode aan het Landschap’ (Ode to the Landscape) will spotlight the Dutch landscape’s diversity for an entire year.

Have an exciting blind date and experience beautiful stories: Step into the landscape, soak it in and experience it with all of your senses! One of this year’s themes is ‘Dutch water defence lines - water as an ally’. The landscape of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie and the Stelling van Amsterdam, together making up the Dutch water defence lines, is an open area at the edge of the metropolitan Randstad region. In the past, man has joined forces here with water and nature. The best way to discover the Dutch water defence lines is by bike. Riding the LF Waterlinieroute, you’ll get to know the secrets, stories and special features of the Dutch water defence lines through many wonderful activities.

The ‘Ode aan het Landschap’ website says the following: “If COVID-19 has brought us one thing, it’s a collective love for nearby destinations that has shattered firmly-held beliefs and ripped off our blinkers. We feel butterflies and every time we encounter a new landscape it’s like a blind date with someone with whom we feel an almost instant click. Not only because of their looks but also, or maybe especially, because of their stories that strike a chord with all of our senses.”

Bring an ode to the landscape during your bike ride
Did the wonderful stories about the Dutch landscape inspire you while riding the LF Waterlinieroute? Please join in and share your ode to the landscape with others. You can do this by adding the hashtag #odeaanhetlandschap to your post on social media. Inspired to write more odes? This year, five other Dutch organisations participate in the ‘Ode aan het Landschap’ event. Check out for all of the initiatives!