Certificate and frame sticker

Did you ride the entire LF Waterlinieroute? Then you can apply for a suitable souvenir as a memento: a shield to stick onto your frame, a personal certificate and a mention in the gallery of honour.

To qualify, send us a selfie with your bike and possibly a route sign along the route. Take a picture at the locations listed below, preferably with you in it. If you’re on your own, simply put your bike in the picture. The photo are right on or near the route:

Traject 1: Fort bij Spijkerboor (GPS 52.539839, 4.840729)
Traject 2: Batterij aan de Sloterweg (GPS 52.286594, 4.704044)
Traject 3: Fort bij Abcoude (GPS 52.270107, 4.979149)
Traject 4: Fort bij Tienhoven (GPS 52.161947, 5.030039)
Traject 5: Werk aan de Waalse Wetering (GPS 51.997500, 5.151481 )
Traject 6: Gemaal Broekse Sluis (GPS 51.855280, 5.047144)
Traject 7: Fort Bovensluis (GPS 51.68180,4.48057, photo from the Oostdijk will do)
Traject 8: Fort Pinssen (GPS 51.515494, 4.289099)

Have you cycled the route and taken the photos? Check! Then you can apply for your souvenir. At a cost of EUR 4.95, we’ll send you your personal certificate and the LF Waterlinieroute frame sticker. If you’re a donor of the LF routes, it’s free.

Apply for your certificate