Organisation and funding

The fourth of a series of LF icon routes (in Dutch), the LF Waterlinieroute was created with the help of many contributors. This page gives a brief overview.

The route has been made possible thanks to financial contributions by:

Project management and coordination of the LF Waterlinieroute is in the hands of Stichting Landelijk Fietsplatform, the Dutch umbrella organization for recreational cycling. Stichting Landelijk Fietsplatform is the independent coordination point for recreational cycling in the Netherlands. It acts as a network organization and knowledge and information hub, thus stimulating the advocacy of interests, further product development and information provision/promotion ( The Fietsplatform is responsible for the national cycle route structure based on the LF routes, the long-distance cycle routes in the Netherlands.

Landelijk Fietsplatform
Postbus 846, 3800 AV Amersfoort
info [at]   

The route was created in collaboration or verification with:

Route advice & quality control were provided by Fietsplatform volunteers.

Holland Cycling Routes

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